About Us

Pampers Private School is a leading nursery and primary educational institution in Nigeria. Our main aim is to give every child a chance at maximum productivity through holistic learning, within an enabling environment filled with fun, laughter, and a deep commitment to academic, social and emotional development. We provide an outstanding learning atmosphere rooted in integrity, academic excellence, and religious values.

At Pampers Private School, we believe that every child is special and it is never too early for a child to discover himself or herself. We encourage self-development and expression, assisting to get them on that path of discovery through our many extracurricular activities and programs.

Our entire team is hardworking and fully committed to the development of the children. We value continued professional development for our teachers so we can give your child the best possible education. Our curriculum provides a broad range of tutelage experiences and opportunities as we offer the Nigerian, British and American style syllabus to provide an international standard of learning.