Nursery: Our typical school day starts at 7:30 am with outdoor play which is followed by circle time and other learning and teaching activities from 8.30am.

During the day, pupils have a snack break from 9.30 to 10am and lunch break from 11.40 to 12.10am. This is followed by a brief nap time from 12.10 to 12.50pm. The School day ends at 2.00pm

A day in the primary school starts at 7.50am with a lesson in Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education(PSHEE).

There are daily lessons in Mathematics and English Language. Other subjects are allotted periods during the week.

There is a weekly assembly on Fridays.

Children have the opportunity to engage in a co-curricular activity of their choice on Fridays.

School is over at 2pm when the school buses leave and other parents are allowed in the school premises to pick their children

Yes, we have a wide fleet of school buses which ply a number of routes within Lagos. Contact us to find out more about the locations covered by our school bus service 

Please see the admissions page here for guidelines on how to download, fill, pay and submit the admissions form.

You can pay your application fee to the following accounts:

Yes, you can visit us so we can go through all our facilities and learning environment.

Contact us via the email address info@pampersprivateschool.org to book an appointment. You can also contact our Surulere phone line: 0813 002 7220 and our Lekki phone line: 0817 984 0785

Nursery: The size of our Nursery classes is typically 14 to 17 students. This guarantees that our teachers have enough time for every one of their pupils, ensuring every child receives the attention they need to reach their maximum potential.

Primary: Our Primary classes usually have up to 20 students in them. This small class size improves the teaching and learning experience and encourages students to speak more confidently and openly and to collaborate more.

Nursery: English is the primary language of study at our primary level.

Primary: English is the primary language of study at our primary level. It’s supplemented with international languages such as French and local languages such as Yoruba.

We have a wide range of extracurricular activities for our pupils to get involved with. They get to pick whatever piques their interests. We nudge certain pupils into specific activities that they have aptitude in.

Find out more in our Extra-curricular activities section.

We have fully qualified and experienced Early and Mid Childhood teachers and assistants who focus on the academic and social development of each child and support them accordingly. Our teachers are fully committed to the development of their pupils into smart, hardworking, globally-minded individuals.

During the process of a term, our teachers continuously assess the skills, behaviour and attitude of their pupils during class. At the end of every term, an exam is held where pupils are assessed on their learning of all their subjects. 

The continuous assessment and the exam results are then combined to represent every pupil’s performance for that term.

Nursery: To stimulate learning amongst our early years’ pupils, our classroom environments are set up so they can move freely around clearly defined areas for reading, writing, art, science and mathematics.

Primary: Our primary pupils are placed in classes of around 20. Each class is assigned a class teacher who is responsible for every pupil in a class. 

The small size of the class allows for heightened collaboration and competition which increases the development of the pupils.

Nursery: Our pupils have access to a variety of resources. These include alphabet charts, craft materials and paints, books, educational board games, construction materials such as Lego and wooden blocks, etc.

Primary: We offer our pupils many state-of-the-art facilities and resources. These include well-equipped ICT labs, music and art rooms, and libraries that are used regularly to develop many different skills.

Nursery:  Yes, we offer a healthy hot lunch service  as an option for pupils who require this service.  

Primary: Yes, pupils can opt for our school lunch service and enjoy hot, nutritious meals provided daily  by our partner  catering company.

At the end of every term, we send a report card detailing your child’s academic, social, and moral performance.

Beyond this, we also have an Open Day in the middle of every term where our teachers sit down with our parents to inform them on the current performance of the child as well as any course correction that is needed. 

In the case of any extreme positive or negative changes to your child’s performance during a term, your child’s assigned teacher will contact you to discuss it.

All termly charges are included in the school bill. 

Any extra charges are based on additional events which may occur during the term  such as excursions.