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Preparing Our Pupils Academically and Socially to Lead Successful and Fulfilling Lives


A Legacy of Academic Excellence

Educating Your Child to the Highest Academic Standards and Ensuring They Stay Grounded


No Child is Left Behind

Encouraging the Fulfillment of Your Child’s Aspirations and Dedicated to Coaching Exceptional Futures


Developing The ' Whole Child'

Our Rich, Broad Curriculum and holistic approach is targeted towards the all-round development of our children.


At Pampers Private School we offer a harmonised curriculum which is the meshing of the Cambridge and Nigerian curricula to provide an international standard of learning. We see our pupils and their parents like family, so consistently encourage warmth, mutual respect and celebrate success at every opportunity. We cater to children from 12 months to 11 years, preparing them to thrive in the increasingly demanding and complex world that we live in.

For over three decades we have delivered academic excellence, emotional and social confidence to our alumni and current pupils. We offer world-class teaching in a vibrant and dynamic international environment that is the best foundation for preparing your child for higher education, their chosen career, and the rest of their life.

We are immensely proud of our pupils, staff, supportive community and the outstanding co-curricular programmes which are designed to significantly build your child’s confidence and skills during their time with us.

Mrs. Oludolapo Odunlami

– Founder

Our Curriculum

Early Years

Early Years (1–5 Yrs)

Our early year curriculum has been planned to provide a strong academic and personal foundation from which our pupils can grow into the well-rounded person they are meant to be.

Primary Years

Primary Years (5–11 yrs)

At Pampers’, we believe that the world is becoming more accessible and possessing a global worldview and an international standard of learning will give our pupils a significant head start in their adult life

Post Primary

Post Primary (11-16 yrs)

Rainbow College is our top-flight secondary school with a reputation for excellence in academics, moral standards and co-curricular achievements.

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