Welcoming New Families

We know that joining a new school can be a daunting experience for children and their families. This is why we provide a comprehensive range of support to our pupils and parents to help them settle into their period of learning at Pampers.

To help make sure that the experience goes as well as possible, we provide support and structure for all concerned. From our warm orientation exercises with new parents, to meet and greet sessions, PTA meetings and an open-door policy should any parent or pupil require any further assistance – as your children transition from nursery to primary or from primary to secondary, we run an extensive program of transition activities to prepare the children for their move to the next level.

Assessment and support are an integral part of our ethos. Through regular assessments, meetings and reviews with our pupils and their parents, we are committed to identify any gaps in learning or behaviour and work with them to understand and grow. We believe that the parents play a major role in our pupils’ development, and it is for this reason that we work closely with parents to keep them informed of all development, concerns, and triumphs.

Welcome to the Pampers Family!  A happy and nurturing learning environment for your child!

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